Roger Gobron - Belgian Painter 1899-1985




The film on DVD

The film Portrait de mon père aquarelliste, directed by the son of Roger Gobron, is available on DVD. This DVD includes also a film about the poet Marie-Jo Gobron, who was the painter's wife.

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Exhibition in France

The works of Roger Gobron will be visible starting spring 2018 in the Lot, a department of Southwest France. More information will be published later. Visits on demand: Info »

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Gobron in Bruges

The house where Roger Gobron lived and worked with his spouse can still be visited in Bruges, at least the groundfloor, where Li and Lieven opened Li O Lait, a cozy coffea and tea bar. The address : Dweersstraat 30 at 8000 Bruges - tel. 050/70 85 70.

Detail of the front facade with the memorial stone, handmade by Kristoffel Boudens.

Musée gaumais, Virton

Pluie à Knokke

Three works of Roger Gobron, have been selected for the collection of the "Musée gaumais de Virton" (in 2004, a retrospective exhibition on Gobron was organized at the museum). The works are named Coin à Virton (here above), Eglise de Gérouville and Clin d'oeil dans la Nuit.


« Roger Gobron carried out a true lifework, which beats in breach all our prejudices on watercolour, but also joined the small world of the most interesting Belgian painters of the 20th century. »

Jean-Louis Dupont (RTBF - Belgian radio & tv)

This is the official site of the Belgian painter Roger Gobron (1899-1985). For nearly 70 years, Gobron painted almost exclusively with watercolour. At first, he used watercolour in a classical way, but his art, style and technique changed radically when he came in contact with the Flemish expressionists. Gobron is most probably the only painter in the world who experimented in this way, for his entire life, with the medium. He thus altered the aspect of watercolour, giving it the dimension, durability and value of oil painting.


The blond waitress,- Watercolour by Roger Gobron
The blond waitress, 1945 - 54x50 cm - Cat. #546



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